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A New(ish) Timex watch from the past… (Update)

I was lucky enough to be in New York last week and as I said in the original post I’d try and pick up the J.Crew Timex watch when I was next in town….  Well as you can see from the picture below I went and tried the watch on, but considering the annoying distressing and the fact the original can be bought for under £15.00 (sterling) I gave it a miss. Think I’ll be looking on ebay for a good one to turn up. The version with the date is my favourate – see below. Whilst in New York I saw some of the new Nixon watches and I think I’ll look down that route….  that is the next post sorted and I’ll try and shorten the gap between posts….

Original Timex military watch with date window

Original Timex military watch with date window


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