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ngd Agency & Brian Wilson have it covered!

Brian Wilson Book Cover by  ngd Agency, Woking, Surrey

The wonders of social media can lead to new business opportunities

Social Media Bringing Companies Together

We consult on social media with many companies as part of the marketing solutions we offer.

Often clients say

“Aren’t you just talking to the same old people, we want new connections, new clients”.

Well the book cover shown above is a great example of social media bringing two companies together. These companies had no knowledge of each other before Google picked one of my blog images in a search about Brian Wilson. So if you ever had any doubts that social media can generate income as well as lots of images of cats on skateboards. Hopefully this is very modest proof that it works…

So if you’ve read some of my other posts you’ll know that away from the design job, I create and exhibit silkscreen prints. Something I studied for my degree many, many years ago.

A few months back I created a print about Brian Wilson, more info can be found here on the print.

Since then I’ve had quite a bit of interest from buyers and have sold some of the edition with the possibility of selling a couple more in the next few weeks. This wasn’t my intention when I started the print, hence the very small edition. It simply was an image in my head that I wanted to put on paper and I thought it would look good in our dining room! Not the loftiest of ambitions I know but I’m being honest…

Over the last year I’ve received quite a few mails from people saying nice things but about 8 weeks ago an Italian publishing house got in touch an said they wanted to use the image on the cover of a new book they were releasing. They said it was to be on music and Brian Wilson would be included so what’s not to love…

Anyway after a few discussions on image rights etc we came to an agreement and the book arrived this morning.

We didn’t design the cover!

I want anyone who reads this to know we didn’t design the cover, I just supplied the imagery. I’d have done it quite differently, I think is the polite way of putting it. Us designers are fussy folk at the end of the day…

If one more person looks at the silkscreen print on this blog as a result of seeing the book, it will have been worth it.

I’m onto other prints now but do have an idea for a very summery Beach Boys inspired print which I hope to do over the English winter. Whilst making the print on those cold evenings I’ll be thinking of Brian’s lyrics of surf, sun, cars and girls and how the genius of Brian creates a whole new world in your head. Something that as a child got me hooked in the first place… oh and the harmonies, those beautiful harmonies…


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Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys – I Worship At the Church of Brian Wilson Silkscreen Print

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys Silkscreen Print #10/10

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys Silkscreen Print #10/10

Back in December I wrote on here about my new silkscreen “I worship at the church of Brian Wilson”. It was going to be printed in January…. well life got in the way and it was eventually finished in May.

The print is to celebrate the genius of the Beach Boys songwriter Brian Wilson who by the age of 24 despite being partially deaf had written 12 albums including many classics including Pet Sounds (for many people the best album ever recorded) and Brian’s ‘Symphony to God’, the Smile Sessions (Original Title ‘Dumb Angel’). I suppose this is a sort of thank you for the joy he has brought into my life with his music.

If you follow the link above you’ll see that the visual I had done was to a finished state. Some artists experiment with their ideas in the print studio but as I have to pay for studio time, I like to go there with finished ideas. The act of the print studio is as I say just to ‘get the idea out of my head’!

As is the nature with most computer visuals it was clean, slick and looked exactly like a computer had made it. If I wanted that finish I’d just get a high quality digital print, they’re now easily available and affordable. That’s not the point of silkscreen for me. For me silkscreen is a journey and I want the process (and silkscreen is a long process) to interact with the idea to create something new, to take it somewhere else.

I wanted to refer to old religious paintings with their use of gold and present Brian as an icon/angel. I wanted the image to look weathered, not a typical trait of a silkscreen print. To help with this I chose a very rough handmade paper to print on. This is not designed for silkscreen at all, but the surface was so rough I knew it wouldn’t take all the image leaving blank areas to simulate distress/ageing. The paper was also far from rectangular so hand registration was going to have to be used, again adding to the fun!

Well it was quite a journey as no one had seen anyone use this type of paper to print on before. Ink thickness became a real issue among other things. It was a trial and error journey. At the end I got by the papers nature an edition of ten variations and one AP (Artists Proof).

The images below show the variations with the edition number at the end. They’re for sale at £350 unframed and £650 framed + P&P.

The bespoke framed print comes in a white frame with gold back and side mounts to archival standard. It’s glazed with gallery standard glass, to give a truer representation of colour. It’s NOT  just chucked into a Ikea frame…
Please get in touch if you’re interested in purchasing a print.

Please see the image of the framed print below.

Framed Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) Print ready for Exhibition

Framed Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) Print ready for Exhibition

The framed Brian Wilson print ready for the exhibition

If you’d like to see it in person and you live near Guildford in Surrey, England, it’s going to be part of the Ochre Print Studio Summer Exhibition open to the public on the weekends of 16/17th & 23/24th June at:

Ochre Print Studio
Lockwood Day Centre
Westfield Road
Slyfield Industrial Estate
Surrey, GU1 1RR

If you’d like to come to the private view on Friday 15th June 6-9pm, get in touch and I’ll sort it out.

Let me know if you like the print or have any constructive comments? I’d welcome feedback.

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