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Silkscreen Print Design: Maybe you’ve been looking for this?


Over the last few months I’ve had time to prepare the artwork for my next few designs as I’ve not been able to print due to an ankle operation. The above is the second one I’ve finished with a series of ten prints being worked on as well.

Again this is a simple play on words but it stayed with me and so I thought it had merit and was worth printing. These are the sort of ideas that got lost in the twenty or so years between finishing my degree and starting to print again and is the main reason I sought out a print studio. I used to get frustrated that I didn’t make time to create something with whatever ideas I had. Now that isn’t the case and it’s great to get these ideas out of my head and onto paper.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at the various prints on this blog and as always all constructive criticism and over-the-top praise is welcome. Until next time…


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New Silkscreen Print: Captain of Bugger All!

Captain of Bugger All - A Silkscreen Print by Neville Godwin

Captain of Bugger All – A Silkscreen Print by Neville Godwin

Well here is the latest design to be finished while I wait for my ankle to fully heal so I can start printing again.

This is a sister print to one I did a year or so ago called “Sheriff of Nothing” which you can see here. It is to the same scale as the first print so can sit side by side and be seen as a set.

The print deals with the same subject matter as “Sheriff of Nothing”, it’s just the summation of middle age where you feel you should have things under control by now but realise you control nothing and are still just a pawn in a much larger game. These have been phrases that I’ve had in my head for a couple of years and it’ll be good to commit them to paper so I can move on.

Since leaving college and either not making the time or having the facilities to create prints, I’ve let ideas fade. By creating simpler, more graphic prints, I can hopefully get more ideas on paper rather than staying doodles in sketchbooks and on post-it notes.

I’m sure the final silkscreen print will differ from the visual above but that’s the beauty of the print process. If I wanted an exact copy, I’d just get a high quality digital print but the beauty of printmaking for me is the journey, the transformation the print process has on the work. I like to embrace ‘happy accidents’ and not get too hung up on having everything perfect. It is a handmade print after all.

I’ll post images of the print when it’s finished so you can see if it changed much in the journey, which I hope will be before Christmas this year.

Anyway I hope you like the proposed print design. As always constructive criticism and amazing praise are always welcome.

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From Francis Bacon and Talking Heads to a simple silkscreen print

Space: a silkscreen print by Neville Godwin

Space: a silkscreen print by Neville Godwin

Ochre print studio where I create my silkscreen prints at are joining 39 print studios from all over the UK in the 2013 20:20 Print Exchange. I’m one of ten artists who’ve been asked to submit a piece for the exchange.

The concept is quite simple, you produce an edition of 25 prints measuring 20 x 20cm and send them off. In exchange you will receive a unique portfolio of 20 original prints, randomly selected but including your own print. Also one print from each edition will go on tour to workshops and galleries around the British Isles. It’s a great way to get your work seen and to get 19 great prints back. They might not all be to your liking but that’s Art for you…

This one is organised by Hot Bed Press. For this exhibition and print exchange I still wanted to play with the format as subject matter as I had done in my previous print for a 20:20 print exchange but do a visually simple print concerning space. Space is also the title of the print, for those who like titles for things…

My original idea was based on two things:

  • First a memory of the Talking Heads video of ‘Road to Nowhere’, where the image of David Byrne with his head in a cube had always stuck with me. I haven’t seen the video for decades but can clearly see that image.
  • On a recent visit to Tate Britain I saw a Francis Bacon painting, one of many that uses the cube to place the subject in space.
A still from the Talking Heads video for a ‘Road to Nowhere”

A still from the Talking Heads video for a ‘Road to Nowhere”

Francis Bacon’s Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X

Francis Bacon’s Study after Velazquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X

Considering the criteria for the prints was all about space (20cm x 20cm), I wanted to work with that but rather than represent flat space which silkscreen is often accused of, I wanted to represent 3D space. Beyond that I wanted to work with bright clashing colours which can throw your space perception off and then as a little light-hearted fun, actually put the measurements on the print but only as a varnish so in some lights you see it and in some you don’t. I felt that putting any object in the space would dilute the idea so it’s quite simple and graphic, bold and irreverent. Most of all I hope people see it as fun.

Below are some images of the process of making the print. The top one is making the masks for this four colour print. The cube is printed twice, once with in white to knock out the green and then again with the fluorescent red.

Masks for the silkscreen print Space by Neville Godwin

Masks for the silkscreen print Space by Neville Godwin

First colour down for the silkscreen print Space by Neville Godwin

First colour down for the silkscreen print Space by Neville Godwin

Fluorescent Red went onto of a layer of white for the silkscreen print Space by Neville Godwin

Fluorescent Red went onto of a layer of white for the silkscreen print Space by Neville Godwin

In a few weeks time Red Hot Press will create a photo stream list of all the submitted prints. Once this has been uploaded, I’ll put the link at the end of this post. I’ve already finished the design on 5 other prints I want to do in the time I’ve not been able to print because of an ankle operation. As a result hopefully I can get a few done before the Christmas break and put them up here for all to see.


As usual, I welcome all constructive criticism and overwhelming praise!.

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ngd Agency & Brian Wilson have it covered!

Brian Wilson Book Cover by  ngd Agency, Woking, Surrey

The wonders of social media can lead to new business opportunities

Social Media Bringing Companies Together

We consult on social media with many companies as part of the marketing solutions we offer.

Often clients say

“Aren’t you just talking to the same old people, we want new connections, new clients”.

Well the book cover shown above is a great example of social media bringing two companies together. These companies had no knowledge of each other before Google picked one of my blog images in a search about Brian Wilson. So if you ever had any doubts that social media can generate income as well as lots of images of cats on skateboards. Hopefully this is very modest proof that it works…

So if you’ve read some of my other posts you’ll know that away from the design job, I create and exhibit silkscreen prints. Something I studied for my degree many, many years ago.

A few months back I created a print about Brian Wilson, more info can be found here on the print.

Since then I’ve had quite a bit of interest from buyers and have sold some of the edition with the possibility of selling a couple more in the next few weeks. This wasn’t my intention when I started the print, hence the very small edition. It simply was an image in my head that I wanted to put on paper and I thought it would look good in our dining room! Not the loftiest of ambitions I know but I’m being honest…

Over the last year I’ve received quite a few mails from people saying nice things but about 8 weeks ago an Italian publishing house got in touch an said they wanted to use the image on the cover of a new book they were releasing. They said it was to be on music and Brian Wilson would be included so what’s not to love…

Anyway after a few discussions on image rights etc we came to an agreement and the book arrived this morning.

We didn’t design the cover!

I want anyone who reads this to know we didn’t design the cover, I just supplied the imagery. I’d have done it quite differently, I think is the polite way of putting it. Us designers are fussy folk at the end of the day…

If one more person looks at the silkscreen print on this blog as a result of seeing the book, it will have been worth it.

I’m onto other prints now but do have an idea for a very summery Beach Boys inspired print which I hope to do over the English winter. Whilst making the print on those cold evenings I’ll be thinking of Brian’s lyrics of surf, sun, cars and girls and how the genius of Brian creates a whole new world in your head. Something that as a child got me hooked in the first place… oh and the harmonies, those beautiful harmonies…

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