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Steve Jobs RIP. The man who thought different

Today marks the death of Steve Jobs.

A man who apart from the time I worked on behemoth Hi-end photo retouching systems, has supplied me with the tools that allow me to bring home the bacon.

The internet will, quite rightly be awash with tributes today talking about how to “Stay Young, Stay Foolish” etc etc but I thought I’d point you to a rarely seen video about Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign.

Their Ridley Scott directed 1984 Superbowl Advert has got most of the plaudits but the ‘Think Different’ campaign was so on-brand that it’s shelf life has lasted for decades. As long as Apple stick to their core values it will still have relevance for generations to come.

The video shows how Steve got Branding and goes to show that unless the client is completely onboard the chances of creating work of this quality are limited. This is a marketing masterclass discussing core values and speaking about benefits over features.

Steve Jobs, got design, got branding and could wrap it up with applying his products to our lifestyles… a rare breed and a tough act to follow.


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