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I’m in love… why’s it always the ones you think won’t interest you?

Whilst in the states recently I came face to face with the Nixon Newton and it’s beautiful. The blue looks clean, but will it stay clean?

Well I like big diving watches or Jaeger Reverso’s so it a bit off brief…..

It’s sort of retro-modern and other oxymorons! Clean, a bit sci-fi but a decent build for the price of £90.00 sterling.

Sometimes it’s that first look across the room… you had me at tick tock!

The Nixon Newton - Black

In black, for the more formal occasion 😉


The Nixon Newton


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A New(ish) Timex watch from the past… (Update)

I was lucky enough to be in New York last week and as I said in the original post I’d try and pick up the J.Crew Timex watch when I was next in town….  Well as you can see from the picture below I went and tried the watch on, but considering the annoying distressing and the fact the original can be bought for under £15.00 (sterling) I gave it a miss. Think I’ll be looking on ebay for a good one to turn up. The version with the date is my favourate – see below. Whilst in New York I saw some of the new Nixon watches and I think I’ll look down that route….  that is the next post sorted and I’ll try and shorten the gap between posts….

Original Timex military watch with date window

Original Timex military watch with date window

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A New(ish) Timex watch from the past…

I had a Timex watch very similar to this as my first proper watch and have rued the day I got rid of it…. Then I found this on my travels around the web and it was like unearthing a window into my youth….

My Timex bought mid 1970’s had round luminous number markers, but apart from that it’s pretty much the same watch.

My only problem with the new J. Crew/Timex watch is that there’s faux distressing and aging… which as we all know it’s not an original it’s a bit tacky if you ask me. If I wanted an original WW2 military watch I’d just go and buy one… there are thousands on the markets and any one time!

As mentioned, this is a joint venture between J. Crew (who before this, I didn’t know existed)

This is what they say on the site:

“We joined forces with Timex, one of our favorite all-American brands, to design this military-inspired watch—an iconic style from the 1940s, back from the archives (and only available here). It’s a fusion of traditional elements and modern materials: the face is strategically distressed to appear worn with time and features a contrasting bright red second hand. Stainless steel watch case with luminescent hands that glow in the dark so you’ll always know what time it is. Nylon strap. 50M water-resistant. Diameter of watch case: 36mm. Five-year battery life.”

Well I think it’s a lovely and in the scheme of watches, cheap beautifully designed watch. It has a tight design and strangly seems ageless in that it would sit well on a kids wrist as much as an elderly man!

It’s nearest comparison must be the Oris big crown pointer date (ref 01 754 7543 4064-07 5 20 53) which I used to have two of (probably to satisfy my nostalgia cravings) until I threw them away! That is another story for another time!.

I’ve no idea if it sold well but I may pop into J Crew and get one when I’m next over the water.

Anyway these are just my thoughts and as we start this blog endeavour any feedback/comment would be welcome.

If anyone has bought this watch, please post links to pics of it. It would be good to see other views etc.

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Watches…. they’re in my soul….

Not exactly my thing but cool none the less

Not exactly my thing but cool none the less

Hironao Tsuboi and Japanese Studio 100% have collaborated to create the absolute minimalist Faceless Watch.

The Faceless Watch has LEDs between the bracelet links that glow to form numbers for the current time.

I have an unhealthy interest in watches and sadly expensive ones. The one above isn’t but was something of a new design and as a design is very cool.

I prefer the modern classic look of IWC , Panerai and Jaeger LeCoultre but that’s just me.

Visit the site below it’s shows that the Japanese sensibility makes things so different.

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