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Trying to explain Wabi-Sabi and Silkscreen Prints!

Potential buyers viewing my latest print!

Potential buyers viewing my latest print!

Trying to explain Wabi-Sabi in relation to silkscreen printing!

Trying to explain Wabi-Sabi in relation to silkscreen printing!

Getting into the flow of my artists talk at Baker Tilly, Guildford, Surrey.

Getting into the flow of my artists talk at Baker Tilly, Guildford, Surrey.

Last night was the ‘Spring Into Summer Exhibition’ Private View and Talk at Baker Tilly in Guildford, Surrey.

I had the honour of giving the talk which covered my reintroduction to printmaking, my views on public access to art (which I spoke about in this blog), Wabi-Sabi and the thoughts and ideas behind the prints I was exhibiting.

The room was packed, some ‘Dutch Courage’ was needed but by the lovely feedback I’ve had since then, it all seemed to go very well.

So thanks to all that attended. Onto the next print.


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ngd Agency & Brian Wilson have it covered!

Brian Wilson Book Cover by  ngd Agency, Woking, Surrey

The wonders of social media can lead to new business opportunities

Social Media Bringing Companies Together

We consult on social media with many companies as part of the marketing solutions we offer.

Often clients say

“Aren’t you just talking to the same old people, we want new connections, new clients”.

Well the book cover shown above is a great example of social media bringing two companies together. These companies had no knowledge of each other before Google picked one of my blog images in a search about Brian Wilson. So if you ever had any doubts that social media can generate income as well as lots of images of cats on skateboards. Hopefully this is very modest proof that it works…

So if you’ve read some of my other posts you’ll know that away from the design job, I create and exhibit silkscreen prints. Something I studied for my degree many, many years ago.

A few months back I created a print about Brian Wilson, more info can be found here on the print.

Since then I’ve had quite a bit of interest from buyers and have sold some of the edition with the possibility of selling a couple more in the next few weeks. This wasn’t my intention when I started the print, hence the very small edition. It simply was an image in my head that I wanted to put on paper and I thought it would look good in our dining room! Not the loftiest of ambitions I know but I’m being honest…

Over the last year I’ve received quite a few mails from people saying nice things but about 8 weeks ago an Italian publishing house got in touch an said they wanted to use the image on the cover of a new book they were releasing. They said it was to be on music and Brian Wilson would be included so what’s not to love…

Anyway after a few discussions on image rights etc we came to an agreement and the book arrived this morning.

We didn’t design the cover!

I want anyone who reads this to know we didn’t design the cover, I just supplied the imagery. I’d have done it quite differently, I think is the polite way of putting it. Us designers are fussy folk at the end of the day…

If one more person looks at the silkscreen print on this blog as a result of seeing the book, it will have been worth it.

I’m onto other prints now but do have an idea for a very summery Beach Boys inspired print which I hope to do over the English winter. Whilst making the print on those cold evenings I’ll be thinking of Brian’s lyrics of surf, sun, cars and girls and how the genius of Brian creates a whole new world in your head. Something that as a child got me hooked in the first place… oh and the harmonies, those beautiful harmonies…

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Silkscreen Print Visual: I worship at the church of Brian Wilson!

Brian Wilson silkscreen print visual by Neville Godwin

Brian Wilson silkscreen print visual by Neville Godwin


This is the visual for the next silkscreen print I’m going to do in December-January 2012.

I like to finalise the design before making the screens simply because it means I can limit the time it takes to print, which as I have to pay for the studio time makes sense. Now that last point may seem obvious but some artists use the process of printing to form their ideas, embracing the process. They start out with only a partly form idea and use the journey to finish the project.

I want to take advantage of the print process but in a more rigid structure. I plan to print it on a handmade paper which is heavily textured. This will mean that not all the image will transfer and will hopefully add an aged feel to the print. It’s also going to bleed off the edges of the sheet. So printing this could be messy!

The imagery is a bit of a quandary as although I love religious iconography, I’m not religious. In fact I find organised religion both morally bankrupt and corrupt, plus the basis for most of the worlds conflicts. But I digress and talking about Brian Wilson is far more enjoyable…

The work is simply a statement that if I was going worship anyone or thing it would be Brian, a man who through music has created worlds and vistas that can take you to other levels of consciousness. He can even make you feel you’re in sunny California when you’re on a bus on a wet, wintery evening in Bolton!

To have written all the Beach Boys material including Pet Sounds (along with Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On” cited as either the best album ever recorded or the second best album) up to the Smile project by the age of 24 whilst being partly deaf is simply amazing!

For those who don’t know their ‘Brian”, Dumb Angel was the original name for the ‘Smile’ project and I’ve used it as a knowing pun. In an October 1966 interview, Brian Wilson quipped that the Beach Boys’ next project (Smile) was “a teenage symphony to God”. This also influenced the imagery.

Anyway there it is . I’ll post the final print in the New Year and you’ll be able to see the effect the paper has.

Let me know if you like the print or have any constructive comments? I’d welcome feedback.





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RIP Malcolm McLaren

We’re very sad to hear the news of his death, aged 64 on the 8th April 2010.

The Sex Pistols are Malcolm’s main legacy, although after Punk had waned he also embraced many projects covering pop, opera and ambient music. All were original and in Malcolm’s way slightly ahead of the curve.

As much a part of the Pistols music was their image and Malcolm really knew how to surround himself with the right people.

As well as loving the music (Never Mind the Bollocks – was rereleased in heavy weight vinyl just over a year ago for you audiophiles out there) we’re also huge fans of the Punk aesthetic from Sniffin’ Glue to Jamie Reid who did all the graphics at the time. So much so we have a few of the 1997 silkscreen series around the place…

Whether he saved the world from a prog based musical future is debatable with the likes of Roxy Music, Kraftwerk and Bowie in their prime but he certainly gave the whole scene a kick up the arse!

He by all accounts could be difficult to work with, Russ Meyer, one of the world’s most original and visually stunning directors, walked off the Great Rock n’ Roll Swindle set after directing for three days after ‘creative differences’

Well all we can say is thanks for the music Malcolm, EMI is currently belting out in the studio it still sounds amazing!

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Heineken’s Soccer Swindle – Guerrilla Marketing, Great Idea, Brilliant Execution

This is one of the best Guerrilla Marketing campaigns of recent times by  JWT – Italy.

Heineken staged a fake classical music concert at the same time of a crucial Real Madrid vs. AC Milan game on October 21st, there was no chance that any real soccer fan would be there…but after severe pressure from girlfriends, professors and bosses the unfortunate victims trudged into the concert.

What happens next is quality and beautifully links the concert and the match. Suffice to say that over 1100 soccer fans got swindled, 1.5 million people saw their reactions on live TV, and Heineken received 5 million visitors to the site devoted to the event, and a great deal of news coverage for their troubles.

As far as what happens in the video itself, we won’t spoil it for you; see it below and enjoy.

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New set of Stamps that Show the Power of Vinyl over CD’s or MP3

On January 7, 2010 the Royal Mail will launch this set of ten 1st class stamps that celebrate classic British album covers.

As a music collector who listens to music all day (currently listening to the re-release of the Feelies – Crazy Rhythms on Bar None Records) I must say they’re a fine collection of albums and I own everyone. The only one I think should be swapped out is the Coldplay one. I don’t think it’ll stand the test of time musically (even Coldplay have done better albums) and the cover isn’t heading to icon status. I’d have loved to see one of the Warp Records covers, this label really has their design sorted.

By the way as a bit of trivia, there was a programme a while ago on Delia Smith where she recalled one of her first commisions was to bake the cake for the album cover of Let it Bleed…


Anyway nice stamps and in a time where sales of vinyl are increasing, maybe timely to..

On another note although there have been some great CD packaging designs over the years. The Autechre Quaristice Ltd Edition set is a particular high point in my point of view, they just don’t seem to evoke the same feelings. Maybe it’s down to scale, maybe it’s me just showing my age… Either way my LP12 will keep on spinning!

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