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Movember 2010 day 17 of 30 – Raising money for Prostate Cancer treatment



Guest appearance on American Chopper to follow!


Got quite a few sponsors today which is good… but would like a load more…

Funnily the ‘ladies’ say they like the ‘Mo’ and it suits me! Get the feeling they’re saying I look better as a tramp! Could never understand the fairer sex… ask my wife! 😉

Anyway my growing a comedy moustache is for charity and so if you want to donate to help awareness and treatment of prostate cancer please go to:   and remortgage your house and give generously… or give a small amount every little bit helps!


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Movember 2010 – Day 4 of 30 – Go on it’s for Charity!

Day 4 of 30 - Movember 2010

Day 4 of 30 - Movember 2010

Well things are moving on. It’s day four and shaving, which I really hate at the best of times is now even more of a faff!

How do guys do this… It’s going to be really fun at client meetings tomorrow. Just hope they get with it and get their wallet out as well!

More updates to come, just got my first sponsor… It’s a marathon not a sprint so as the ‘MO’ gets better if you want to donate to help awareness and treatment of prostate cancer please go to my Mo page:

Also if any of you out there are growing a ‘MO’ this month get in touch and let me know how you’re getting on…

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Simple, sane words in a time of confusion, to get you more business

I was chatting at a networking function on Wednesday and met someone who said his work colleagues would travel miles to listen to speaker Dan Sullivan. He seems to distil things down, which echoed how I was feeling about all the new media opportunities and business conduct in general.

At a time where you can’t move without someone telling you how they can help with your New Media Strategy blah blah, I think a lot of the time we’re just replacing common sense with modern delivery systems. With any area of business, or design for that matter, unless the foundations are good it doesn’t matter how you dress it, it still won’t work!

Anyway my colleague said the main bits of advise from this talk seemed to back up my thoughts so I thought I’d share them with you.

Five simple points to help you get more business.

  1. Show up on time
  2. Say please
  3. Say thank you
  4. Use your ears a lot more than your mouth
  5. Do what you say you’re going to do

To the point, simple but points often overlooked in the rush to embrace all the new networks, communities and tribes. Do a few things well rather than a lot poorly is my feeling!

Anyway does the list ring true for you?

What do you think?

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I’m in love… why’s it always the ones you think won’t interest you?

Whilst in the states recently I came face to face with the Nixon Newton and it’s beautiful. The blue looks clean, but will it stay clean?

Well I like big diving watches or Jaeger Reverso’s so it a bit off brief…..

It’s sort of retro-modern and other oxymorons! Clean, a bit sci-fi but a decent build for the price of £90.00 sterling.

Sometimes it’s that first look across the room… you had me at tick tock!

The Nixon Newton - Black

In black, for the more formal occasion 😉


The Nixon Newton

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Elvis the cool flowerpot

Elvis has Left the building

One of our drives went a bit squiffy, I gradually got all the data off bit by bit. In a folder 5 levels down found this old image taken in 1997 with one of the first digital cameras the Sony DSC1. Cost a packet for VGA res…but now I’m heading off into techspeak so I’ll stop.

Sadly Elvis as we know has left the building…. mainly when the transfer started lifting off and the outside weather took it’s tole..

As the blog says it’ll contain anything of interest and a well designed Elvis flowerpot seems a good place to start…..

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