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Silkscreen Print Visual: I worship at the church of Brian Wilson!

Brian Wilson silkscreen print visual by Neville Godwin

Brian Wilson silkscreen print visual by Neville Godwin


This is the visual for the next silkscreen print I’m going to do in December-January 2012.

I like to finalise the design before making the screens simply because it means I can limit the time it takes to print, which as I have to pay for the studio time makes sense. Now that last point may seem obvious but some artists use the process of printing to form their ideas, embracing the process. They start out with only a partly form idea and use the journey to finish the project.

I want to take advantage of the print process but in a more rigid structure. I plan to print it on a handmade paper which is heavily textured. This will mean that not all the image will transfer and will hopefully add an aged feel to the print. It’s also going to bleed off the edges of the sheet. So printing this could be messy!

The imagery is a bit of a quandary as although I love religious iconography, I’m not religious. In fact I find organised religion both morally bankrupt and corrupt, plus the basis for most of the worlds conflicts. But I digress and talking about Brian Wilson is far more enjoyable…

The work is simply a statement that if I was going worship anyone or thing it would be Brian, a man who through music has created worlds and vistas that can take you to other levels of consciousness. He can even make you feel you’re in sunny California when you’re on a bus on a wet, wintery evening in Bolton!

To have written all the Beach Boys material including Pet Sounds (along with Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On” cited as either the best album ever recorded or the second best album) up to the Smile project by the age of 24 whilst being partly deaf is simply amazing!

For those who don’t know their ‘Brian”, Dumb Angel was the original name for the ‘Smile’ project and I’ve used it as a knowing pun. In an October 1966 interview, Brian Wilson quipped that the Beach Boys’ next project (Smile) was “a teenage symphony to God”. This also influenced the imagery.

Anyway there it is . I’ll post the final print in the New Year and you’ll be able to see the effect the paper has.

Let me know if you like the print or have any constructive comments? I’d welcome feedback.






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5 Responses

  1. Mike S. says:

    Love the typography. Think it’s your best one yet.

  2. […] in December I wrote on here about my new silkscreen “I worship at the church of Brian Wilson”. It was going to be printed in January…. well life got in the way and it was eventually […]

  3. is there any chance to purchase one fo those?

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