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Car Livery: A Cost Efficient Way To Advertise a Business

Bellcom Car Livery - Side View

Bellcom Car Livery - A Cost Efficient Design to Maximise Standout

Vehicle livery is probably most cost-effective way to advertise your business 24hrs a day 365 days a year.

You may argue for Social Media but that requires constant monitoring and time to update and comment. With vehicle livery, once it’s done it’s working for you every second it’s on the road.

What a brilliantly simple way to get your name and products in people’s minds. It’ll advertise your business as you drive to work, to your customers and even at the garage as you fill up! Done well it will let your customers know quickly what you do and how to contact you. Remember often you’ll be moving so the important information must be viewable at 30mph! Secondary supporting information can be smaller but less is more.

The images in this post are from a recent project for Bellcom which included logo design, stationery design and car livery.

Bellcom Livery by ngd Agency

Bellcom Livery by ngd Agency

If your budget allows you can have your vehicle ‘wrapped’ which will allow you to use every millimeter of the car’s surface for branding purposes. In this instance we had a limited budget and so vinyls were used apart from the vertical strut where we had a vignette to echo the logo’s ellipse.

Some clients know what they want, some have no idea, we cater for both and all in between.

So whatever your needs, be it a new logo, shopfront or livery design we can offer our expertise and advice to give you a solution to make you stand out. Contact us an we’ll meet for a chat!

Bellcom Livery by ngd Agency

Bellcom Livery by ngd Agency


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