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Movember: Hirsute tomfoolery about a serious matter

Movember 2011 - 1st image

Movember 2011 - 1st image - setting the foundations


Well it’ MOVEMBER time again. The one time where you get the chance to raise money for male only cancers. We are surrounded by Charities for female only cancers and of course they’re all sadly needed and their marketing means they have a great presence. But for one month a year it’s all about the men…. Last year they raised over 40 million for the prevention and cure of male cancers.

Well after a slow start with my MO, things are moving on. I’ve decided to extend the handlebars down my neck to make it look even more stupid! If you’re going to do it, do it full on I suppose! I only decided this a few days in so my neck has a bit of catching up to do.

It’s one week into this years Movember and shaving, which I really hate at the best of times is now even more of a faff!

It’s going to be really fun at client meetings. Just hope they get with it and get their wallet out as well!

More updates to come, just got my first sponsor, my wife so she was sort of obliged.  It’s a marathon not a sprint so as the ‘MO’ gets better if you want to donate to help awareness and treatment of prostate cancer please go to my Mo page:

Also if any of you out there are growing a ‘MO’ this month get in touch and let me know how you’re getting on…


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