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Silkscreen Print: Bubba’s Burgers – A Fat Print for Fat times!

Bubba's Burgers - Silkscreen Print by Neville Godwin

Bubba's Burgers - Silkscreen Print by Neville Godwin

Here is my latest silkscreen print, one of three I’m doing from a recent trip to Florida.

Obesity in America is an obvious subject but although I’ve travelled to America quite a lot over recent years, my wife and I were truly shocked on this visit by the child obesity. It seems to have gotten far worse in the last few years.

Now lets get things straight as I can hear murmurings at the back! For those who know me will know that I’m no friend of salad but I’m an adult and my waistline is all my own making. I’ve drunk the beer and eaten the curries, it’s all my own fault!

Children don’t have that sense of reason and basically eat what they’re given therefore they can be absolved, I squarely aim the blame at the parents. In the worst cases, I’d say it’s a form of abuse.

Our worst experience was while visiting Disney World in Orlando. There were many huge 6-9 year old children being pushed around in buggies by their parents, not due to physical or mental handicap but just because they couldn’t walk due to their size! Now I would argue if there is one place on this earth that could get a child excited and running around it would be Disney World! I’m like that when I go and I’m 45 (my wife worries, it can be said)! It’s was all quite shocking. Whilst in America we’re quite used to the convoy of huge people in electric carts in Wallmart but this was different, this was a new level. They were so young. It made me quite angry and this print is simply my response.

The name comes from a brand of burger’s in America (Bubba Burgers) which just tickled my fancy due to it being so American! It became our codeword (codephrase if being accurate) whilst I was trying to find subjects to shoot for this print (it kills the time while queueing for the rides). Suddenly I’d hear ‘Bubba’s Burgers 3 o’clock’ from my wife and off I’d go. The family featured consisted of 5 or six members all very big, one half pushing the other half around… although not children it illustrates the trend passing down the generations.

Again I’ve tried to keep the print simple, graphic and limited the colours. I’ve printed on coloured paper as I wanted to have a cream distressed background. It’s just how I saw the print in my head which came in fully formed. I changed very little. I am especially happy with the seeds on the bun. I experimented with misregistering colour to create highlights and shadow. It also created the shift on the bottom bun which I like. Embracing the print process was one of my objectives mentioned in an earlier post. It moves it away from slick computer visuals, which is a good thing. It was printed in an edition of ten.

It may even get me down the gym…

Let me know if you like them or have any constructive comments? I’d welcome feedback.


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5 Responses

  1. Brett says:

    Cool i like, it but as to getting you down the gym i think not!

    • ngdagency says:

      You never know Brett.. although spending a lot of time doing these prints… have got to make the time… or Michelle will have to get a buggy for me!

  2. David Lopez says:

    I totaly agree, I child will eat what their parents give them…. so if you feed your children junk food and computer games….. thats the result. Junk food should be targeted at adults and not children like it is now. It should be like alcohol… OVER 21.
    I havent been to america for a long time, I think I am for a big shock!! NICE PRINT !!

    • ngdagency says:

      Thanks David. If you haven’t been for a while, it’ll be quite a shock..

      Glad you liked the print. The next one should be finished by the end of the month so pop back…

  3. I’m not sure where you are getting your info, but good topic.

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