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A New Leaflet and Poster for Stream Properties Limited

Stream Properties Leaflet Detail

Stream Properties DL Leaflet

Stream Properties DL Leaflet

Stream Properties Limited are a property consultancy who offer many services from relocating a company to compliance checks. Some clients want all the services, some only one or two but more importantly most didn’t know the breadth of services on offer! This is a problem as you can imagine as some clients may be using competitors for some services, simply because they aren’t aware that Stream offer this service as well!

This project it has to be said, has taken time with partners working abroad and changes in direction. Well this week the leaflet and poster were finally delivered and the client is really happy with them and called and emailed to say so. It means so much when clients say thank you. Too often we’re all so busy we just keep our head down and carry on with things but taking time out to say thank you to suppliers really makes a difference…

Anyway below are images of the leaflet which outlines the breadth of offering, testimonials etc and a A3 poster leave-behind to remind them that Stream can handle all their property management problems.

Stream Properties Limited Leaflet

Stream Properties Limited Leaflet

Stream Properties Limited Leaflet

Stream Properties Limited Leaflet

Stream Properties Limited A3 Poster

Stream Properties Limited A3 Poster

Stream Properties Limited A3 Poster

The A3 poster was a replica of the diagram created for the DL leaflet. Using colour to separate the services into groups and create a structure, we used a stream idea to have them all flow into the London skyline. A strong grid for alignment was used to reflect the construction/property industry, crisp edges and bold text within their existing branding to give an exclusive, luxurious feel. This is backed up by printing on heavy uncoated stock to give a tactile quality. This was initially a bone of contention as the client wanted gloss stock! After guiding them through the finish options, we were able to convince them that this was the correct route for their brand.

Anyway at a time where most companies are concentrating their budget on their digital marketing, it’s really good to have a client who appreciates that holding something in the hand that truly represents you, is still a strong asset to take to meetings.

If you know of any company looking to update or create a leaflet or brochure from scratch then please get in touch we’d love to meet them and we offer a FREE initial meeting to discuss your marketing needs.


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