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Christmas has come early – The Meridiana Cuckoo Clock has arrived


Our new Meridiana Cuckoo Clock

About a year ago I blogged about this beautiful cuckoo clock I’d found, The Meridiana Cuckoo Clock, designed by Pascal Tarabay.
Well a year has passed and it’s funny how time changes things. Back then I said the golden yellow colour clock was my favourite but that changed to the silver/grey version not long after. Well it took a while to find one as most of the limited run has been sold. I always seem to want the rare and nearly sold-out.
Well anyway we finally tracked one down and got it for the studio as a christmas present! It arrived yesterday, it’s pure and simple with the classic grey/red combo working to make the cuckoo pop!
I’ve now got to find the best place to put it up…
The original post which you can view here got a lot of attention so I thought it was worth the update.
Does anyone out there own their own Meridiana Cuckoo Clock? Which one did you get?
Why not send photos or links to yours….



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