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Brainsmart – Cognitive Enhancers Logo Development

Brainsmart Logo by ngd Agency

Brainsmart Logo by ngd Agency

Well first of all we’ve been in the corner of the studio on the naughty chair for not posting in a while. We should practice what we preach but with holidays and numerous weddings abroad we’ve let things slip… we feel ashamed but will try and be better as we can’t reach the studio hi-fi from the naughty chair and the thought of some X-Factor nomark, wannabe polluting the studio is too much!

Anyway back to the subject in hand. We were asked to produce and Umbrella Brand and then four sub-brands for a new company who produce four new cognitive enhancer products. These are substances that enhance mental functions such as concentration and memory. It was quite a journey but the above is the final logo for the Umbrella Brand. The four sub-brands and packaging have just been signed off and so they’ll appear shortly … honest.

Anyway if you have any constructive comments we’d like to hear them.


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