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New set of Stamps that Show the Power of Vinyl over CD’s or MP3

On January 7, 2010 the Royal Mail will launch this set of ten 1st class stamps that celebrate classic British album covers.

As a music collector who listens to music all day (currently listening to the re-release of the Feelies – Crazy Rhythms on Bar None Records) I must say they’re a fine collection of albums and I own everyone. The only one I think should be swapped out is the Coldplay one. I don’t think it’ll stand the test of time musically (even Coldplay have done better albums) and the cover isn’t heading to icon status. I’d have loved to see one of the Warp Records covers, this label really has their design sorted.

By the way as a bit of trivia, there was a programme a while ago on Delia Smith where she recalled one of her first commisions was to bake the cake for the album cover of Let it Bleed…


Anyway nice stamps and in a time where sales of vinyl are increasing, maybe timely to..

On another note although there have been some great CD packaging designs over the years. The Autechre Quaristice Ltd Edition set is a particular high point in my point of view, they just don’t seem to evoke the same feelings. Maybe it’s down to scale, maybe it’s me just showing my age… Either way my LP12 will keep on spinning!


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